When your child is at least two years old they will progress upstairs. Upstairs is a large free-flow environment which continues to provide children with constant access to all areas and resources including role play/home corner; sand and water; construction area, dressing up, small world, book corner; creative/malleable/messy area incorporating painting, chalking, crayoning, gluing and sticking, collage, etc.; computers with age appropriate software. At all times children are making their own choices, learning to be independent and autonomous, developing and playing at their own pace, whilst under the close supervision of our loving and caring staff.

Play is central to a child's learning process - play is a child's work through which they begin to make sense of the world.

Children’s independence is encouraged in many ways for example putting their coats and shoes/wellies on, and also with their own personal hygiene, for example washing their hands and faces, and brushing their teeth after lunch. They also continue to be encouraged and helped, where necessary, to feed themselves with a knife and fork, to use a cup and to help themselves to drinks, either water or milk from a jug. We have private toilets, and a changing unit. At any age, as and when you feel your child is ready, we are more than happy to begin toilet training and will work closely with you throughout the process.

Throughout our nursery, the children's progress and development is carefully observed and recorded by the staff whilst they are engaging in activities. Our staff use this information to help plan experiences and opportunities that will build on the children's knowledge, skills and abilities to help promote and enhance new learning and development expanding their capabilities. Observations of each child are evaluated and linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage which allows for every child's individual development to be monitored and their progress recorded in their individual Learning Journals. You are welcome to look at, take home and add to your child's Learning Journal at any time.

Our aim is to help each of our children to achieve the best that they can in all areas of their development by extending them in their areas of talent, and supporting them in their weaker areas. When our children leave to start school they have the confidence to know that if they treat others with respect, try their best and ask for help when it's needed, they can achieve anything.

The transition of our children on to school is an area where we work hard to ensure that we make this as smooth as possible. We invite the reception teachers from local schools to visit the children within our nursery in the summer before they start in the September, so that they can get to know your child. Your child will be able to share his or her learning journey with the teacher and we also complete our ‘All About Me’ form to pass to the teacher when they start school. This whole process helps make the move to school less stressful for children and parents alike.