We understand, that both for parents and children, entering nursery for the first time can be a bewildering and difficult time.   We aim to make your child's entry into nursery as happy and smooth as possible therefore we adopt a flexible approach and have a gradual admission process which caters for the needs of each family.   As many visits as you and your child needs are offered gradually, to ensure that your child has settled in before actual admission.  

These gradual admissions sessions are also an opportunity for us to gain valuable and important information about your child and for to you get to know our staff, ask them questions and discuss any concerns that you may have.

We are happy for your child to bring a comforter whether that is a toy, blanket or dummy, etc. whilst they settle in.   And you are more than welcome to call us as many times as you like during the day to see how your baby or child is.

Your child will be assigned a Key Person, one of our caring and experienced staff who will help your baby or child to settle into nursery and to feel confident, comfortable and safe.  She will develop a bond and offer a secure, close relationship with you and your child and is directly responsible for recording and encouraging your child’s development and progress.   Whether your child is upstairs or downstairs all the staff will get to know your child, spend time with them and develop a relationship with them.