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NAME: Lynne

DATE: 27th August 2013

COMMENT: Our eldest attended Harwood Day Nursery from 6 months old to school age and our youngest is still there. The nursery experience they have each received has been totally different because the staff tailor their care according to the individual child (and my two are very different!!) but we have been consistently delighted with the standard of development and care provided. I would have no hesitation in recommending this nursery.

NAME: Katie Ferguson
DATE: 22nd August 2013

COMMENT: My two children go to Harwood Day Nursery and have done full time for over two years. All the staff are fantastic, caring and extremely professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending this nursery to anyone. Thank you Harwood Day Nursery for taking care of my most prized possessions xxx

NAME:  Catherine Hill
DATE: 21st August 2013

COMMENT: Lovely nursery, my little boy has come on so much since starting at this nursery. The girls in the Baby Room are so lovely, I can talk to them with ease. My 2 year old is moving rooms in September, I will miss the baby room but looking forward to his new chapter in his little life. All the staff are lovely, a very homely nursery.

NAME: Kate Settle
DATE: 21st August 2013

COMMENT: When I have heard the word "nursery" a hundred times in the morning, I eventually get there to be greeted by smiley faces, wonderful smells from the kitchen and lots of happy children already up to their knees in sand, having fun. I am happy to leave Ava-Maria with her new friends there and her confidence has grown even in the few weeks she has been there. I knew it would as my 11 year old went there too :) keep up the excellent work ladies and thank you xxx

NAME: Emma
DATE: 6th March 2013

COMMENT: My daughter absolutely loves going to nursery - she cheers when we arrive in the morning. I know she is well looked after and I fully trust the staff with Alyssa. The staff are very professional and the nursery overall is of a very high standard. I receive regular pictures of my daughter's progress, which I love to look at. The meals are freshly made and they provide a great variety. I would highly recommend anyone to come to this nursery.

NAME: Leanne
DATE: 6th March 2013

COMMENT: My son has been going to Harwood Nursery for 6 months and he loves it and the staff there. He always has a fun packed day, like playing in the sandpit, the activity cube outdoors or baking cakes and painting. He also has freshly made meals there, that are prepared by the cook. The staff are lovely and friendly and at the end of each day they go through everything that Charlie has been doing. His speech and learning ability has come on brilliantly since he has been here too. Absolutely fantastic nursery, I would recommend it to any parent.

NAME: Emma
DATE: 13th February 2013

COMMENT: An amazing nursery! My daughter attends Harwood Nursery 2 days a week and she always wakes up in the morning asking to go! The staff are professional and caring and have formed really good relationships with my little girl. I can't recommend the nursery enough.

DATE: 7th February 2013

COMMENT: My three and one year old sons attend Harwood Nursery 3 days a week. My eldest has now been at the nursery for 2 years and during this time I have developed good relationships with all the members of staff. Both boys look forward to their days at nursery. The staff are great and I leave my children fully confident that they are cared for and well looked after. I would recommend this nursery to anyone.

DATE: 6th February 2013

COMMENT: My daughter currently attends nursery 1 day a week, soon to be 2 days, and I am so happy I picked Harwood Day Nursery. I was worried about leaving her so young (she was only 6 months) but the staff were brilliant and put me at ease straight away. I now have no worries dropping her off and would highly recommend the nursery to any parent, especially those that are worried about having to leave a young baby when they go back to work.

NAME: Jenny Duffy
DATE: 6th February 2013

COMMENT: My daughter Emily has been attending Harwood Day Nursery for the last 3 years, and she loves it. She really has come on as a child, she has learnt lots of new skills and always comes home smiling after her days with her friends. The staff are really professional and caring, overall a super nursery!

NAME: Stacey
DATE: 5th February 2013

COMMENT: Corey goes to nursery 1 day a week. As soon as we get to the nursery he's excited to get in. He has his dinner and tea, which is freshly prepared by the cook. The staff are really friendly and caring, they always keep me updated with new things he has done. Can't wait for him to start more days :-) Would highly recommend Harwood Day Nursery.

NAME: Andrea J
DATE: 5th February 2013

COMMENT: My daughter loves her days here and has lots of fun. The staff are friendly and trustworthy and I am confident that Lilly is looked after properly while she is there. I would recommend everyone to everyone. It has a lovely family atmosphere.

NAME: Sophie Williamson
DATE: 4th February 2013

COMMENT: My little boy attends Harwood Nursery and he loves it! He comes home worn out! He can't wait to go in the morning. The staff are lovely and the nursery itself is perfect. Home cooked food and a very high standard of care... The staff should be very proud!

NAME: Nicole
DATE: 22nd September 2011

COMMENT: My daughter Lily comes to nursery 4 days a week and she LOVES it. The staff at Harwood Day Nursery are amazing and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for taking such good care of my little girl, especially Jenny aka 'Mummy no.2' :) Lily has developed so much and the dedication from this nursery to the children is fantastic. I receive regular updates and find all staff very approachable and friendly. The activities are relevant and stimulating and my daughter has developed so much since starting here. She also loves the food :) which is freshly prepared by the lovely cook. I cannot big up this nursery enough. Fantastic and I would highly recommend!!!!!!!!

NAME: J Wild
DATE: 16th April 2011

COMMENT: My son attended this nursery for 3.5 years and now my daughter is there. The staff are caring yet professional. The activities are playful yet stimulating and educational. The food is freshly prepared on the premises by the cook. Both my children enjoyed their time at this nursery, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

DATE: 31st March 2011

COMMENT: Wonderful and beautiful nursery. My child went to Harwood Children's Day Nursery and had a fantastic Pre-school boost. Your care and love has been invaluable. I highly recommend you.

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