robotsLittle Robots

Match the robot pictures on the dominoes. If you choose Level 2, some of the dominoes have dots instead of robots to match.  Intermediate, Advanced

Spdiffot the Difference

Look carefully at the pictures and click on the differences in the photo on the right hand side. There are three differences in each picture.  Advanced

Nursery Rhyme Collage Maker

Choose a nursery rhyme then make a picture by dragging the characters and props into the scene. When you have finished, you can click Play to make the picture come to life and you can listen to the rhyme. Intermediate

bobinogsBobinogs - Lots of different games to play

The colourful world of the Bobinogs - high quality games, printouts, e-cards and fab songs for 3 - 6 year olds. (CBeebies)

Childrens Stories - Lots of stories

An index of all the Cbeebies Watch and Read Along Stories.

smartSmarteenies Shape Store

Choose a picture, then drag shapes from the drawers to complete it. When you have finished, you can turn the picture into a movie. Intermediate through to advanced.


Select boy or girl and clothes to dress and undress - Beginner, Intermediate

Chime Game

Play chimes, learn colours - Beginner

Touch circlesCircles

Click on the moving circle - Beginner

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